About us

Growing up in Nigeria I was fascinated by our traditional head tie, also known as head tie/gele /ichafu.


As gorgeous as our women traditional outfits were, it was always the beautiful head tie (gele) that always seems to stand out and glam up the whole attire. 


It was the centerpiece.


As an adult, I started collecting all types of head ties, from the ones made from paper to the threaded aso-oke.  I was amazed at how much our head ties were underutilized.

ChicGele was born out of my desire to not only sell head ties but to show women how to celebrate our rich culture by merely dressing up the crown.


With ChicGele aso oke, your fabulous ensemble is complete for your next occasion.


Whatever your style or need dictates: from simple and cute, to Fabulous and bold, ChicGele has got you covered.


We proudly source our Aso oke from Nigeria and we ship from Arizona.


Let us help you express yourself.


If you need help tying you beautiful head tie, here are a few How-to-tie videos:


Stay fabulous,



Adorn your crown…